Corruption Watch was founded in late 2009 by Andrew Feinstein and Susan Hawley.

Andrew Feinstein is a former ANC Member of Parliament in South Africa. Dubbed the country’s “Mr Clean” by the media, he resigned after the government stopped his investigation into a massive arms deal tainted by allegations of high level corruption. He exposed details of the deal in his best-selling memoir “After the Party”. Andrew is currently working on a book on the global arms trade which will be published in early 2011.

Susan Hawley is an anti-corruption expert who previously worked at the Corner House for eight years and before that at Christian Aid. She is author of numerous reports on corruption, including “Exporting Corruption: Privatisation, Multinationals and Bribery” and “Turning a blind eye: Corruption and the UK Export Credits Guarantee Department”.

Corruption Watch’s mission is to detail and expose the impact of bribery and corruption on democracy and development, by tracking and monitoring major bribery and corruption cases, pushing for effective enforcement of global and national anti-corruption regulation, and building an international network of anti-corruption partners.

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